Battle to the bitter end without leaving your browser


  • Customizable controls
  • Ok graphics for a free game
  • Jump straight into the action


  • Complicated configuration
  • Heavy on browser resources
  • Still in beta

Very good

Phosphor is an online first-person shooter that’s perfect for fans of games like Quake and Counter-Strike.

If you fancy some mindless virtual violence, then this is the game for you. Phosphor doesn’t require any registration or sign-up, but it will necessitate a powerful computer and an empty browser – it takes up a lot of resources.

That’s not surprising, because for a free browser game, Phosphor is impressive. For a FPS of its type, the graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is free and fluid. The objective is simple – if you see another player, shoot them! Speed is almost as important as your aim, and don’t forget to pick up the health packs and other weapons and items you find along the way.

The Phosphor settings are extensive and totally configurable. In fact, for most users they’re probably a little overwhelming, but useful nonetheless. The default settings are pretty standard for a PC game – keyboard for movement and actions, and the mouse to look around and shoot.

As free browser games go, Phosphor is really impressive. If you’re a fan of FPS, you’d be mad to miss it.


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